About Wessmark

Johannes Wessmark is a self taught hyper realist artist. He believes that the road to marriage comes from a beautiful and unique love story that the couple share. That is why he works exclusively with couples that have a true love story to share. Every artwork by Wessmark is based on a story. Learn more about Wessmark here.

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The beauty of art

Johannes Wessmark is a Swedish artist with passion for realism and details. Beauty is an important ingredient in his artistry. Whether the subject is a person, a landscape or a beautiful flower, he finds inspiration to pick up his brushes and turn it into a work of art.

Hyper Realism

Johannes Wessmark is a self-taught hyper realist artist. At age 10, his mom saw his creativity and talent, and gave him a book “I will do the most beautiful painting in the world.” The journey of Wessmark’s hyper realistic career started when he found an airbrush in the basement.

Oil and Acrylic

The technique Johannes Wessmark uses is acrylic and oil in combination. The acrylic that is sprayed on the canvas is mainly used for backgrounds and diffuse areas. The precision work with the finest details is made with small oil brushes.

Every Artwork has a Story

Oil and Acrylic Artwork of Emmy