First wedding painting in progress

We are very proud to have this  beautiful couple, Mr Julien and his wife Kathy Chow – a super model and actress in Hongkong for our first wedding painting. 

Every love story has a beginning and it begins with a miracle of two people meeting in the immensity of universe. This is  a love of Julien, across the continents and oceans to the other side of the world for west and east, to meet his wife Kathy.

Make the memories of your special day last a lifetime in an unique fashion with a brilliant, hyper realistic painting by our renowned wedding artist Johannes Wessmark.

Capture the happiest day of your life with something more expressive and meaningful than traditional wedding photography. A picture says a thousand words and your one-of-a-kind wedding painting will expertly reproduce the love, joy and happiness within a magnificent piece of art!

Every artwork has a story

Some of artworks by our talented artist Johannes Wessmark. Every artwork by WESSMARK has a story. 



has A Story

What better way to celebrate the anniversary of a happily married couple than with a mesmerising, hyper realistic paint portrayal of your wedding day? Give the gift that will last a lifetime by combining the loving memories of their special moments with an eye-catching artwork that you can proudly display in your home.

“Diamond is forever, but a Marriage with a wedding painting is Eternal"

Nicole Tran