Every artwork has a story

Each painting is inspired by the unique story of the couple, which shines through the exclusively created wedding artwork. Wessmark only chooses to work with those who are able to tell the story of the path that brought them together. Whether you are planning on getting married or would like a stunning painting to relive memories of your marriage, the essence of the story will be captured masterfully.

The history and the magic that has created the unity will be used by Wessmark to develop a hyperrealistic wedding portrait unlike anything you have ever seen before. Make your special day, your special story and your future life together come alive through a painting created specially for your love.

How it works

Send us your favorite digital wedding photo and your unique love story. The photo should be sharp and in high resolution. We discuss the details and give you a price. It takes 1-3 months to finish a painting depending how much work it requires and the size of the painting. Once we have agreed on the details, you pay 60 % of the price. When the painting is finished we’ll send you a photo of it for you to approve. When you are satisfied with the result, you pay the rest and we will ship the painting to you, rolled in a tube.